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Does your Mississippi home or business require a new road or driveway? A firm excavation requires an experienced construction company, and that is what Southern Construction & Site Development SCSD LLC, bring you. We help you create a new driveway to your home or business making the area ready for pavement or asphalt. Beautiful pathways or driveways improve the beauty of homes adding value to property. It is not an easy job to do and requires an artful eye to create a natural looking driveway. Driveway exaction by SCSD LLC takes into account several considerations always ensuring everything fits with the surroundings of your home.

Road and driveway excavation

Is crucial when preparing to build new roads, driveways, and parking areas. There is a lot that goes on before a new driveway or road is constructed. We help our clients build a strong base for all their driveways, roads, and parking areas. A stronger base is the key to having a long lasting driveway. Excavation involves the removal of the top soil layer and setting up the ground ready for construction of a driveway. The strength of any road, driveway or parking area is not the asphalt used but the base. At Southern Construction Site Development SCSD LLC, we don’t skimp on the base. We remove a solid 12 inches of the top soft soils and replace it with half crushed gravel. This is the same material used to construct roads.

Grading & Drainage

We grade and compact the gravel on the excavated driveway is not an easy job and requires heavy machinery that compresses the gravel to the ground. Every path or road that lasts for over 20 years without cracks must have a strong base beneath.

Proper drainage must be considered when excavating to prevent cases of floods during the rainy seasons. At SCSD LL, we prepare for adequate drainage as we remove the soils for the driveways and roads. We work closely with the customer to ensure we prepare the areas well for drainage. We work to ensure the driveways remain sensitive to the areas they surround. Whether we are excavating for a driveway, road or parking areas, we look at the big picture. Every excavation project must ensure natural elements are not affected. These include things like tree and grass.

Proper compacting 

The potholes seen in most new driveways and roads are due to the poor grading of gravel. Loose gravel causes the ground to settle causing potholes after a few years. In some instances, the roads might not last for long especially if heavy vehicles drive on them.

Both gravel and stone marinated roads need grading to properly maintain them. We have the equipment and the workforce to properly excavate roads and pathways in scenic or wooded areas with minimal damage.

We believe there is no place that a road cannot be made to pass through. Water on or under your driveways and roads plan should not be an issue. We can build exit drain and make a road pass through. We dig in with knowledge knowing all roads need to be sloped to allow for a runoff while not being too steep.

Road and Driveway excavation Mississippi

SCSD LLC Road and Driveway Excavation in MS.

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